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Our Colleagues

If you have a business problem you’re trying to solve, here are some of the firms, individuals, and organizations that we recommend.

User Interface Consulting & Testing (Desktop, Web)

Yes, it may seem odd for us to recommend competitors, but many organizations require three bids for every job. We figure it's better that you contact three great companies rather than three mediocre ones; and we'll take our chances.

Aaron Marcus & Associates, Aaron Marcus. Editor-in-chief of User Experience magazine. His company has special expertise in international usability consulting.

Advanced Common Sense, Steve Krug: The Don't Make Me Think guy (and one of our heroes).

Hopkins-Moore Web Design Studio, Brenda Hopkins-Moore: High speed, high quality, professional, and affordable websites. Online teaching and instructional design.

Information & Design, Gerry Gaffney. From his base in Australia, Gerry consults throughout the Pacific Basin. Check out his podcasts at Managing editor of User Experience magazine.

IT Online Group, Dmitry Satin, Moscow, Russian Federation. A Russian and American IT services and customer relationship management company specializing in the development, promotion and management of Internet projects. IT Online sponsored World Usability Day 2007 in Moscow and has invited world-class usability experts to run workshops and give talks. The go-to folks for Russia.

OptimalUsability, Shailesh Manga. "People before technology" for medium to large companies in New Zealand and throughout Asia and the Pacific

UI Wizards, Inc., Jeff Johnson: UI design, UI reviews, usability testing, UI training, author of GUI Bloopers 2.0: Common User Interface Design Don'ts and Dos and Web Bloopers: 60 Common Web Design Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them.

Usability Professionals Association, Consultants Directory: Find a consultant in your area.

UserWorks, Richard L. Horst: UI design, lab and moderated remote usability testing. A prime contractor under the NIH Information and Communications Services task ordering contract.

WQusability, Whitney Quesenbery: User-centered design, plus e-voting expertise. UPA leader and an international expert.

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Remote Unmoderated Testing

These companies offer web-based studies using online tools and no moderator. Data-crunching and analysis, as well as access to prescreened panelists, are available.

Keynote Systems, Dan Richards.

UserZoom, Alfonso de la Nuez.

RelevantView, Marshall Harrison.

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Information and Graphic Design

Bliss Design, Tina Bliss: Graphic design for print and web.

Chris Kania: Information design, animation, websites and cartoons. Expert designer of complicated web database and information sites.

Katy Meyerson, Graphic Designer: Corporate illustrations, graphics, typography, PowerPoint presentations, web-page design, and animation.

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Business Help

Bednarski Consulting, Michael Bednarski, PhD: Psychological, career, and management consulting to individuals and organizations.

Netpreneurs (Staten Island): Local Internet business owners get together to solve problems and learn about new Internet business possibilities. Good model for other local organizations.

UserEdge, Donna Timpone: Full-time and part-time placement of technical communicators and information designers.

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College Programs

Bentley College Design and Usability Center: Usability testing, design reviews, requirements gathering, user interface research, methodology training.

New Jersey Institute of Technology: Graduate degrees in professional and technical communication. Some classes are offered online.

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