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Web Application Design Handbook:

New strategies for dealing with tough design problems

Here's your reference guide from FAST Consulting

The Web Application Design Handbook: Best Practices for Web-Based SoftwareWeb Application Design Handbook link to Amazon was written for teams who are trying to write new web-based applications or port existing applications to the Internet.

When we talk about web applications, we don't mean the form you fill in to buy an Acme widget on Acme's web site. Rather, we mean the back-office application that Acme employees use to process the sale--the one with hundreds of thousands of records and a hundred different pages. If this is your situation, then you need this book. To read the preface, click here...

Available from and your favorite bookseller. For a signed copy, you can buy the book directly from us. Call 718 720-1169 for details.

What we do

Besides writing books, consulting on software design, and testing products for usability, we can help you with your web site. If you're a small business or non-profit organization:

  • Without a web site, you don't exist.
  • With a poor web site, you project a poor image--unfocused, unprofessional, amateurish, behind the times--even if your business is actually none of these.

We can help you solve marketing and technical problems, advise you on better overall approaches, create a new web site for you, show your staff how to run usability tests--whatever you need. Call us for a free half-hour consultation: 718 720-1169.

More than usability and design

When we work with you on a usability or software design project, we also address:

  • Risks vs. benefits of possible approaches
  • Internal development processes
  • Team management
  • Current internal problem-solving strategies

For more on our services, click here. Or call us for a free half-hour consultation: 718 720-1169.

An example of what we do

As we revised the Tug Pegasus Preservation Project website, we kept track what we did, what the director, Pamela Hepburn, liked and didn't like, and what the results were at each step. Click here to see how a redesign works.

If you'd like to see how the New York Times describes usability as a field, see "Technology’s Untanglers: They Make It Really Work."

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